25 Ways to Build Trust (and Sales!) With Customer Success Stories

A major survey on corporate trust just came out, and the news isn’t good.

Of people surveyed in 20 countries, 62% say they trust corporations less now than they did a year ago (2009 Edelman Trust Barometer).
People do business with people they like and trust, so how can you inspire trust during the current crisis of credibility?

Buyers are increasingly turning to real experiences to give them the confidence that products, services, and people deliver what they promise. In the age of reviews and eBay feedback, prospects are looking for anecdotes from other happy customers.

Capturing the experiences of your most successful customers not only boosts your credibility but also educates buyers and shows them the payoff of your solutions.

Here are 25 ways to use customer success stories in your sales and marketing to increase buyers’ trust.

1. Web sites: Your site is often a buyer’s first impression of your company. Start building the relationship on a foundation of credibility by highlighting your successes right from the homepage and anywhere on the site where you talk about the benefits of your solutions.
2. Newsletters: Run customer success stories in newsletters that go to prospects, customers, employees, and partners.
3. Blogs: When making a point in a blog post, use a customer success story as an example.
4. Direct marketing: Highlight a customer’s success in a mailer, either as a full story or an overview, to prospects and customers. Read the full story

A Guide to Preparing a Poster

A Guide to Preparing a Poster

A poster must:

• meet physical requirements determined by the session organizers,
• present your IDEA about the topic and show why it is interesting and important

Designing a poster is a challenge because space is limited. It must be lean and clean, standing alone if you are not present, and gain attention as audiences come and go.

1. General Information about Poster Sessions
Poster sessions are held as part of professional conferences, trade shows, job fairs, and university courses or end-of-semester campus shows. Posters of a predetermined size are displayed in a large area, and the audience moves about as it chooses; presenters stand near their posters and explain them briefly or answer questions. Poster sessions enable people to seek information about new work with convenience and freedom in a short period of time, a kind of cafeteria of information. Today’s software programs enable novices to prepare exciting, informative posters. Students as well as professionals can participate in poster sessions. The “Resources” link at the Cain Project web site can help you find specific answers to your questions–such as, “How do I print my poster?”– or help you learn about the challenges in designing a poster. Read more

The Absolute SEO and Linkbuilding Fundamentals

For an SEO the ultimate goal is to get listed above the fold on the first page of the search engines. This almost guarantees traffic – both targeted visitors and steady streams of hits. Of course, traffic is absolutely essential to a website. It provides your site with a community and depending on your site’s purpose, you could make money or build a lot of credibility only with traffic.

To get the rankings they are after SEOs devote their expertise to both on page and off page aspects of attracting the search engine’s attention. It is important that a website be able to be read by the search engine spiders in a way that highlights the site’s focus and main keywords. This is the on site optimization process in a nutshell. The off site process involved promoting the site to other sites to attract backlinks which pass authority and relevance back to the target site and encourage the search engines to rank it.

The most common onsite SEO practices revolve around the content and the source code. Read more

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Your customers have no clue what you do

Painful Fact: Your customers know much less about you than you think. Until they need it, they don’t bother to find out if you do it. And sometimes, they don’t think to ask – even then.

For example, many an agency bemoans the fact that their clients went elsewhere to have a website built or to have a speech written, simply because the client didn’t know the agency did that sort of thing. (For our clients out there…yes, we do both.)

You have to tell them. Tell them in an engaging way. Tell them in a useful way – give them something to “steal” or adapt to make their own life a little easier. Use the dialogue to establish your expertise and your commitment to their success/well being.

Are you sharing case studies with “here’s what we learned” tips that your other clients can use?
Are you hosting events where your customers can come together and talk about the thing they have in common – you?
Do you bring samples or photos of work you’ve done for others to your client meetings? Start off the conversation with a…”hey, I thought you might find some value in what we learned when we did XYZ for You Know Who.” So bring something relevant. Read this Article

The Secret to Getting More Customers

Sooner or later, at some point in the business development cycle, every business owner asks themselves the following question:

How can I attract more customers who will spend more money and bring me more profits?

A perfectly reasonable question unless you are in business only to give away your product or service. Most business owners are not in business just to provide charity and they need some way to attract more customers who will spend more money.

The official name for getting customers is – customer acquisition – and it is the first system any business owner should put into place. Buying office furniture, designing business cards, applying for licenses, purchasing computer systems — none of these counts more in a business than customer acquisition. To make a profit and stay in business, every business owner needs a reliable way to get more customers.

Hands down, the very best way to acquire more customers is through a direct response marketing system. This simply means that whatever method a business owner chooses to prospect for new customers should have a built-in way of tracking response so the owner knows where the customer came from. And here is the secret to attracting more customers to your business.

You must tell your potential customers where they can find you AND give them a compelling reason for doing business with you.
Read more

How To Use Postcard Marketing To Increase Your Business

Finding new customers can be difficult, and costly. But once you have a satisfied customer, one of the techniques to keep in touch with them is through post card marketing.

Using direct mail postcard marketing, you keep in contact with your customers, to let them know that you appreciate them. You will stand out of the crowd, because this technique is not used by many marketers. This can result in repeat sales, for a long time to come.

Using direct mail postcard marketing is a great way to make sure that your customers keep coming back to you. Read more