Why Logos Are A Must For Every Company

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You don’t necessarily need the prettiest office furniture, a location in the best possible neighborhood, a twelve-line phone system or framed inspirational prints for your walls. Smart new business owners know when and why to cut corners and to post cost-savings for a start up. They also know that some purchases are completely necessary. One essential investment for every company is the design of an effective logo. The logo is at the core of every successful company’s branding efforts. It is the company’s symbol and will adorn everything from free giveaway coffee mugs to the cover of critical reports. It will appear on websites, in advertisements, on business cards, letterheads and anything else related to the company. The logo is the most important part of any branding effort. When one mentions Coca Cola, your mind immediately provides you with a visual cue-the white script, perhaps on a red can. One need only see the bright and bold logo of Federal Express with its “hidden arrow” to recognize a delivery truck and to understand its business.



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By wisely choosing a well-designed logo, you can immediately begin to publicize and market the business in earnest. You can also begin to cultivate the idea of your company’s “personality” with clients and prospects alike. Those who fail to secure a good logo do so at their own peril. In many ways, the logo becomes the face of your company. You want to convey the right message and the right outlook from first contact. Operating without a logo can render a company virtually invisible. The human mind’s attraction to color and shape provides one with a unique opportunity to capture attention and to leave a lasting mark on the psyche of observers with a logo. Some cost-conscious business owners may try to function without a logo. Those who go this route lose money in the long run. By not creating an easily identifiable “brand” (and even a first year marketing student will recognize just how essential that is), the business owner will hamstring his efforts and decrease profit potential by a margin far exceeding the price of a professionally designed logo. If you are starting a new business, or have been limping along in your current endeavor without a logo, it is time to create a business identity with what will become your ongoing symbol. Find a logo design pro who can combine real world experience with a solid understanding of logo design principles to create the perfect logo that will someday be successfully and inextricably tied to your business. You may not be able to afford a brand new leather sectional or fifty magazine subscriptions for your lobby. Adding a fully appointed executive washroom may not be in the budget. There are places to cut corners and ways to save money. However, skipping the development of a perfect logo is not among them. A good logo is a must for every business that should not be overlooked.


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