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5 Simple And Effective Logo Design Tips To Create A Logo That Sells

Branding is an important part of any business, and your business logo is a part of your branding. If you want to make your audience recognize your brand, you have to be able to create a logo that is appealing to your audience. A good logo will help your business to sell your products, because it is the representation of your business reputation and trust. Here are 5 simple and effective logo design tips to create a logo that sells:


  1. Don’t Use Too Many Colors In Your Logo


Limit yourself to using a maximum of three colors in your logo, since the more colors that you use, the more complex your logo will look. If your logo look more complex, then people will avoid it. In fact, it will lose its appealing factor. People will prefer to see a simple logo in your products, so that they can easily identify your business with it, as well as remember it.


  1. Create A Symbol That Represents Your Business Philosophy


It is a good idea to create a symbol that will accompany your logo, not just putting your business name in your logo. Moreover, make your symbol a representation of your business philosophy. Keep it simple, though. Think about your business philosophy and create one sentence that will represent your business value. Then, create your symbol based on that one sentence that you have created. You will use this symbol along with your business logo.


  1. Make Your Logo Suitable For Your Site


If you are serious with your business, you need to have your own website to represent what you offer to your customers. Also, you have to make your logo suitable for your website, and make sure that the colors that you use for your logo will match with the overall design of your website. This is because you will place your logo in the header area of your business website, and it will represent your business name and reputation.


  1. Use The Font That Represents Your Business Niche


There are various types of fonts that you can use for your logo. Simply find the font that is suitable with your business niche. Even better, you can create your own font for your logo. If you do that, you will make your logo unique and different from your competitors. However, be sure to match your logo font with the niche that you are in. For instance, you shouldn’t use the comic-type font if your business is about providing a professional service for corporate clients.


  1. Make Your Logo Visible Enough In Your Products


Remember not to make your logo too small for people to see. Your logo needs to be visible enough in your products. It has to be visible enough in your website. You should not make your logo too small, so that people cannot see it clearly. If your logo is too small, you will not be able to introduce your brand to your audience with your logo. You need to include your logo in every business-related materials that you release, including your promotional materials, products, website, blog, and more.


Those are the simple and effective logo design tips that will help you to create a logo that sells. If you follow the tips above, you will be able to have more success with your business, and make people want to use your products again and again.

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