Bishop Seal Professionally Designed

The Bishop Seal represent the pinnacle of authoritative branding in the ministry – for the office of the Bishop. Much like a general’s coat of arms, or a surgeons white coat, it conveys the appropriate level of regard that people should have upon recognizing the wearer. Within the church, the Bishop Seal identifies the increased level of dedication that the wearer has embraced to reach the position. The designs are elaborate and authoritative, as befits the position, and serve to establish a necessary sense of professionalism in the House of Worship.

With more than ten year under our belt, One Source Graphics has compiled a huge client list of satisfied clergymen worldwide. Our designs are fresh, exquisitely-detailed and made to your specifications – because, although the clothes don’t make the man, they do make the first impression. The symbols and emblems in our Seals span a wide range of design styles, with a resolute emphasis on quality and durability. We understand that just because embroidery should be professional, doesn’t mean it must lack style; as such, our seasoned artisans go the extra mile to ensure that the graphic Bishop Seal is a design that you can be proud to show off.

What Distinguishes One Source Graphics from the Competition

For something so important, you want a service that produces only the finest quality work. Our decade of experience has taught us that exceeding expectations is the most beneficial way to do business, because it reaps continued and new business opportunities.

Additionally, we take pride in our work, and recognize the importance of the office of Bishop as conveyed by the unmistakable seal. Our business model is far more personal than budget design firms that mass-produce these Seals, because such a relationship has always ensured that the client – you – receives precisely what they wanted.

Bishop Seal Construction

When dealing with such a lofty office, we take pains to ensure that the resulting logo embodies all the philosophical principles and traditional gravitas that the office of Bishop commands. The artistry involved is detailed and dynamic, and constructed with a design that fully involves the client’s specifications – in everything from the shape, color and quality of the design elements. This seal will explicitly convey the aspects of the client’s vision and preference once completed – your satisfaction is of paramount importance.

Although there is a range of artistic license involved in the crafting of a Bishop’s Seal, make no mistake – the design itself, is governed by the Bishop’s Office and complies with the set guidelines. The artistic license does not exceed these guidelines, and maintains the heritage and respectable character of the Office. For more information on the details of the Bishop’s Seal, call One Source Graphics at your earliest convenience.

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