Church Seal Designed by One Source Graphics

As a congregation, you stand as a beacon of light to the community around you, offering up hope and a place where everyone, no matter their background, can come together and join as one. Finding the right church is important, as people want to feel at home, wanted and appreciated for who they are. This unity comes from worship, but having a symbol to bring everyone together inside the congregation helps boost morale and just bring church members together. I know whenever I moved to a new location I would search long and hard for the right church. Other people are exactly like that. When I found the right church where I truly felt accepted, I had a sense of pride I wanted to share with the world. I wanted to point others in the community to this church because I felt they would experience exactly what I did. With other churches in the neighborhood, often with similar names, I quickly discovered the best way to help one church stand out is with the help of church seals. These seals are unique to the church, references the importance of the beliefs and is something members can display with pride. I have designed numerous church seals, all of which are inline with the church’s doctrine and made specific for them.

A Church Seal Everyone Can Stand Behind

This is a seal designed for unity and for church pride. Everyone in the church, regardless of sect, stands behind the cross symbol. Other symbols are important to the church as well. The seal is in no way designed to replace this. Instead, these symbols are often used within the seal, as well as other important elements within the church. It may even include something unique to the church itself. From a unique hill on the property grounds to an image found in a stain glass window, these images are often something everyone within the church knows very well. I bring all of these designs together in order to create the perfect unifying seal for the congregation. It shows the church’s love for Jesus while it also highlights the church itself. Church pride is important and it brings everyone together. A close knit church is one that can stand against all trials and tribulations. I have found it truly is amazing how a single symbol is able to do just that.

Church Seal Used For What Is Needed

The church seal can be used for anything. Many churches use the symbol in their letterhead and on the pamphlets they hand out before each service. This way, whenever someone receives a letter from the church or when they enter the church, they instantly recognize the symbol. Another popular way to use the seal is to have it pressed into bibles provided within the church. It is a unique way to connect the church itself with the Word of God.

Some churches do have church stores, offering t-shirts, bibles, journals and a host of other items. The money from these stores can help raise funding for new church projects and go towards missionary work around the world. I have found one of the most common requests for this kind of church seal is so churches can provide clothing and other items to their members. It is a great feeling when someone is in love with their church and wants to spread the word enough to include it in their clothing, on a bumper sticker or anywhere else.

A church seal should be unique and personalized for the church itself. I can provide this exactly service for your own congregation.

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