Design Process | Terms and Conditions

At One Source Graphics we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and meeting the design needs of all of our customers. In this respect we try to be clear about how our ordering process works and what our customers can expect when they do business with us. Our terms of service are as follows.
  • Before we start on designing a seal a 50 percent deposit of the total cost is required.
  • Our designs are very intricate and because of this we require that all symbols to be used in them must be specified in the order or during the pre-design phase. Additional symbols or design content can be added later in the design process at an additional cost.
  • We keep our clients involved in the design process to assure the highest quality work. After we complete our initial draft a client may request up to three separate revisions to the overall design to fit the desired outcome.
  • Feedback (or if satisfied final design approval) for each draft during the design process must be made within seven days after it is received.
  • Any final revisions to the order must be made within 30 days of the initial order date. If a client is unresponsive during this period and does not provide requested feedback the order can be suspended at which point the total balance becomes due.
  • Once a client agrees to or approves of an insignia design this is final. Any further modifications or requested changes to the agreed upon design incur a $100 per hour fee.
  • Once a final draft is approved the balance of the order is due in full.
  • Licensing and usage breaks down as follows. Clients have full usage rights to their completed symbols and seals to use as they wish. As the original designers we retain our copyright on the individual parts and design elements used in our seals and crests. Unlicensed use or reproduction of these design elements is a violation of copyright and grounds for prosecution under the law.
  • Our products are delivered in a flat/camera ready file format. We retain the original layered files for each seal we produce. Note that clients can purchase the layered files from their order from us for an additional fee.
  • Lastly, rush orders are available at an increased cost but are dependent on current workload and the severity and validity of the rush request.

Final Words

We welcome any inquires or questions potential clients may have concerning our services. Interested parties are invited to contact us by telephone at 800-974-5580.